10 Mindsets You Should Have For A Better Weight Loss

Do people who tend to lose weight easily and get the desired inches when they have a specific mindset? Do people who are obese have a different mindset as compared to lean people? Does mindset play a role in weight loss? 

The psychology of a person is important in weight loss. Is the mindset for losing weight as important as diet and exercise? You might’ve read many articles stating the significance of mindset for losing weight but may have wondered if that is at all accurate.

So, here we are to rescue you from all the ambiguity to help you save time and energy. Let’s get clarity today on exactly how your mindset can affect your weight loss journey and how to achieve said mindset. 

Mindsets For Better Weight Loss

There are several mindsets you can cultivate that can ultimately help you in weight loss. Research has shown that various mindsets that can help you in weight loss include a simpler one like following the expert advice to complex one like functional imagery training.

 First, you need to embrace your body that this is the way you look and love yourself. Then, there comes a mindset of solving the problem. Now, the problem here is weight gain and the first step you take for solving it is finding out the underlying cause for weight gain. After determining the cause, you need to set realistic goals.

Besides setting realistic goals, you need to find what motivates you for weight loss? Are you doing it out of jealousy or competition? Do you need to lose weight or you are suffering from any eating disorders? Your motivation should be positive and strong enough to help you in the long run. You, then, need to be patient. Losing weight is not being harsh on yourself. Losing weight is just pushing your boundaries so you can live a healthy life. You need to recognize your eating patterns and stop getting obsessed with a weight scale. After getting rid of this obsession, you need to set realistic goals.

There are various mindsets you should have for better weight loss. Here, we have discussed the 10 most important mindsets for better weight loss. 

  1. Follow the expert

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to follow the expert advice. By following the expert advice, we mean that you need to listen to your dietitian, fitness expert, and psychologist. Now, there are two types of people. The first type, which comes under the category of hardcore people are those that tend to fly against all odds and achieve their goals. 

Such people are rare. These people read and listen to the pieces of advice and then work hard to get what they want. If you are one of those kinds, then it is easy for you to become your leader and make yourself lose that extra pounds.

Now, it comes to the second category which is the majority of us. These are the people who want something but they have mood swings and lack of motivation. They tend to change their priorities on and off. As a result, either they don’t achieve their goal or it takes them a lot of time to reach their desired destination. Unfortunately, the world’s majority lies in the second category.

So, if you lie in the second category, then you need to accept your personality and then, my dear, you need to blindly follow your expert advice. 

By blindly following, we mean don’t overthink, don’t question a lot otherwise, this all will distract you from your main agenda as your personality is vulnerable. Some dietitians have even introduced home delivery services in which they deliver food according to your weight, height and body type. So, eat such food and follow dietitians for this.

In the same way, join the gym and follow your physical fitness instructor instructions carefully and also follow them blindly. Overthinking and over questioning will lead you to distraction. Hence, follow the lead. Trust your expert and follow him/her.  (4)  (3)

  1. Finding the underlying cause

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to find the underlying cause of weight gain. By underlying cause, we don’t mean just eating more or lack of physical activity. Underlying cause got more deep roots than that. 

Finding the underlying cause means a thorough understanding of your personality and your current circumstances. So, sit down, relax, take a deep breath and try to figure out which thing is causing you to eat more?

 Is it just your brought up that is causing you to eat more and more? Like you were your mother’s favorite child and she loves to have you more and more on your plate or you don’t have enough food in your childhood and now you want to fulfill your satiety center and all cravings that you have ever felt in your life?

Researchers have suggested that lack of sleep causes you to crave high energy foods to compensate for lack of energy due to sleep deprivation. A tough routine also causes additional stress, thus causing you to eat more. Not only this, but certain food cravings are also related to low mood and depression. For example, eating a lot of chocolate happens when you are feeling as chocolates are known to elevate mood.

So, figure out what is causing you to eat more? Is it your childhood eating habits? Is it your unsatisfied cravings in the past? Is it your depression? Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? Are you being harsh on yourself by working tough and compensating it with mindless eating? Answer all these questions and find out your reason for overeating.

After figuring it out, eliminate the underlying cause. So, by the end of the day, it is easy and mindful for you to follow a diet regimen and exercise routine.

  1. Embracing your body

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is embracing your body. By embracing your body, we mean that you stop hating yourself for who you are. Looking in the mirror and loathing your physique should not be a routine. 

Crying sessions and overthinking is not the answer to your extra pounds. Self-love is not necessary, it’s crucial. The first step in losing weight is accepting yourself the way you are. 

After loving yourself the way you are and self-acceptance then decide how you want to shape your body, what are your desired pounds and what actions you need to take to get that desired pounds? After embracing your body, just follow these actions and get desired results.

  1. Shaping your body for the right reasons

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is shaping your body for the right reasons. For the right reasons, we mean that you are not shaping your body out of competition or jealousy. You are not doing it under the peer pressure of society’s beauty standards. Your weight loss should not be thinking about a magazine foreigner model whose genes are different from you and who has undergone a lot of makeover at that time.

Then what should be the reason for shaping your body? The reason you should have for shaping your body is ‘you’. Yes, ‘you’. You need to be aware and fully conscious of all the health benefits that you can have because of gaining the right body mass index according to your weight and height. 

So, keep your good health and longevity in your mind while looking for weight loss strategies. Your healthy life should be your sole and strong motivation for losing weight.

  1. Practice Functional imagery training

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to practice functional imagery training. Now, first, we need to know what is functional imagery training? Now, some people relate functional imagery training to yoga but it is different. 

By functional imagery training, we mean that you need to be alone first, then sit down and relax. After that, you don’t need to think or talk about the reasons for losing weight.

 You need to imagine your actual reasons and true motivation for losing weight. Not only this, you need to imagine how your life would be if you lose weight, how you will feel about yourself, how your health will improve, how your out-look will enhance, how people will perceive you and much more.

You guys can call it daydreaming but researches have shown that functional imagery training is a much more powerful tool that can help us in achieving our goal as compared to talking and thinking. So, start doing functional imagery training on and off so you can motivate yourself truly and achieve your goal readily. You can try it when you have cravings for fast food and an unhealthy diet. (1)

  1. Change your definition of reward-punishment center

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to change your definition of reward and punishment center. In our brains, our activities are wired to reward and punish behavior. BY this behavior, we mean that certain things make us happy and certain things that make us sad. 

Things are not just happy and sad like black and white, they are a bit grey in the shade you can mix emotions. Well, to be precise, in broad terms everything that gives us the feeling of happiness, satisfaction or triumph comes under the category of reward. Every such thing that stimulates our reward center whether food, sex, shelter, exam marks are wired into a reward center.

On the other hand, there is a punishment center in our brain. By punishment center, we don’t mean it gets stimulated when we are punished. It is a broad term used to describe events that brings us a feeling of punishment. Fear, guilt, helplessness, regrets, failure all come under the category of feelings that can stimulate our punishment center.

So, why are we discussing the reward and punishment center? How can it aid us in weight loss? Well, the answer is ‘yes’. Besides all major everyday feelings, we have linked certain foods with our reward and punishment center. 

Our brain has wired these foods with reward and punishment centers in such a way that we feel happy after eating junk and low after taking green tea.

So, is there anything that I can do about it? The answer is ‘yes’. Do you know what is the best part of the brain? The best part is you can always store information, modify information and save that modified information. So, you need to rewire your brain into liking that food with the reward and punishment center.

So, train your brain to think that green tea, salads, and fruits can bring happiness as they are good in taste and gives you health and longevity. On the other hand, junk and cheesecakes can also bring you the feeling of guilt as they are not healthy and keeping you far far away from your desired inches. So, rewire your brain reward and punishment center so as a result, you eat healthily, feel happy and achieve your desired inches easily and readily.   (2)

  1. Patience is the key

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is patience. Well, you have heard many times that one who is the patient gets all the reward or fruit of patience is sweet and much more. 

Now, how patience is related to weight loss? The thing is patience is deeply related to weight loss. The more patient you are, the easier it is for you to follow diet regimen as advised by your dietitian and exercise routine as advised by your physical fitness instructor.

Your weight loss needs long term commitment and not only actions need patience your results also need patience. You can’t get your ideal physical appearance in one day. To get your ideal physical appearance, you need to take measures and wait for the slow and positive response of your actions as slow and steady wins the race. 

So, make patience a mandatory aspect of your life and this will not only aid you in weight loss, but it will also help you in excelling in other aspects of your life. 

  1. Stop being harsh on yourself

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to stop being harsh on yourself. By being harsh, we mean loathing yourself, degrading yourself by comparing yourself to lean people, feeling inferiority complex and as a result starving yourself. 

This is not a realistic approach and highly against our love yourself theory. So, you need to love yourself, accept reality, set some realistic goals regarding your desired inches and modify your actions to get destined weight. (2)

  1. Recognize your eating patterns

One mindset that you should have for a better weight loss is to recognize your eating patterns. Just relax, sit, take a deep breath and observe your eating patterns. Do you need to think about how you are eating lately? Do you like binge eating at one time and remaining hungry all day? 

If this is your eating pattern, then practicing intermittent fasting can help you in a long way. On the other hand, some people eat salads and fruits a few days then they get saturated and start eating junk and sugars a lot to reduce their cravings. 

As a result, diet regimens fail and they gain weight ultimately. So, if you are one of that kind then you need to introduce some sugar or junk related component in your daily routine as this will help you deal with cravings that in excess can ultimately fail your diet plan. 

Similarly, by observing your eating patterns, you can modify your diet regimens accordingly thus helping you in following your diet regimen properly without failing, ultimately aiding you in weight loss. (5

  1. Set realistic goals

One mindset you should have for better weight loss is to have a realistic approach and setting realistic goals. By setting realistic goals, we mean if there is a huge difference between your current and desired weight, it is not going to end up in a few days. For this, you need a proper plan according to your weight, height, lifestyle and then you need to be patient. 

Being realistic about your time limit and expectations regarding weight loss is an important component of your psychology that can aid you in the long term. 

The Bottom line

Today, after all this discussion, we have concluded that not only diet and exercise, your mindset is equally significant in achieving your desired weight. 

So, If you want to lose weight, you need to change your mindset, in this way, you can follow your diet regimens and exercise routine effectively thus easily achieving your desired inches. So, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind and leave the rest on God. 


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