Can Yoga Help Me to Lose Weight?

Yoga is an age-old cultural tradition and has gained popularity in the last few decades as a popular weight loss exercise. Initially, people struggled to take up yoga as a traditional exercise for weight loss, however with time humans have realized the importance of taking part in yoga exercises. 

Practicing yoga can help you reach overall physical and mental stability. It offers a method to rebalance yourself and allows a person to cope with daily life stresses. 

Also, it allows you to improve your overall health. Besides providing a balanced spirit, mind and body strength, we still wonder if the yoga helps us to lose weight. 

People support different debates if yoga allows you to lose weight or not. Yoga presents different standing positions and allows each part of the body to strengthen or reach higher levels of flexibility. 

A person wants to feel comfortable about themselves and notice their body changes during weight loss.  It keeps them motivated in the weight reduction process. Let us see if participation in yoga can help you to lose weight.  

What do researchers say about yoga? 

Research shows that a 12-week yoga program combined with extensive exercises illustrate a positive output. Meaning that the blood lipid and morphological indicators change positively, especially with females. Researchers, therefore, recommend the use of yoga to address the weight loss issue (7). 

After various tests, researchers determined the effects of yoga on obese patients to be positive. People who struggle with obesity and join yoga as part of their weight loss program, improved their health significantly (8). 

Researchers determined that the use of yoga to treat various sicknesses offered distinct positive outcomes. For example, people who comprise serious health challenges related to cardiovascular or blood pressure problems seemed better. 

Research also displayed that there seems to be more than obvious results. Yoga offers an alternative method to assist people who suffer from serious health problems for example diabetes. Although the main aim focuses on losing weight, the objective aligns with achieving a holistic health status. 

Many times weight loss relies on the status of your body’s mind and other physical aspects. If you struggle with diabetes, it impacts your weight for example. It becomes more complex to manage your body if you comprise different health-related challenges.  But alternative exercise methods added to your standard treatments allow for an improved chance of feeling better. 

The medical industry works tirelessly to determine the best options for curing sick people. Yoga plays an intrinsic part to allow individuals to feel more comfortable about themselves. To reach a healthy balance requires a combination of different support systems. Sometimes the most obvious tends to help and improve people’s health faster than expected.   

In a world consistent with continuous pressures and stresses, the medical profession attempts to find alternative ways of treating people. Sometimes these treatments go hand in hand with different exercise types. Here we focus on yoga and if it allows you to lose weight. Let us look at the yoga exercises that cause weight loss. 

What yoga exercises result in weight loss? 

Historically, we thought practicing yoga only relates to stretching exercises or ways to relax. It involves a lot more than just stretching and loosening the muscles. Yoga offers highly intense exercises, for example, power yoga, heated room yoga, ashtanga or vinyasa (1).  The intensity of yoga increases, especially when you attend more advanced classes. These sessions significantly enhance your metabolism and ability to burn fat. 

Different yoga studios exist that focus on the presentation of extreme exercise periods. Other yoga centers focus more on the relaxation effect. Your general yoga studio normally offers a beginners’ class that entails a basic understanding of the activity concept. Some people prefer to stay with beginners because of the low-intensity activity involved. 

The more complex yoga exercises require a person to invest in additional physical input. One also finds yoga classes given in a heated room. One needs physical strength and stamina to cope with the heat. These environments may cause a person to feel claustrophobic. Visiting your doctor before you participate in yoga stays critical if you struggle with diverse illnesses. Some exercise actions may require you to flex your body. 

Although the movements seem slow in comparison with the traditional aerobic concept, you lose weight. It also allows a person to tone their muscles and improve their body metabolism (1).  

Scientifically, some studies showed a decisive effect of yoga on overweight individuals. The challenge associated with the yoga method and the safety thereof (2). Besides, an indication exists of yoga offering a safe method to reduce waist size and improve a person’s metabolism (3). 

Important to understand that we may not lose weight as quickly as we thought. Especially the beginner’s yoga focus on stretching and finding a core balance. Weight reduction also aligns with your calorie intake. If you normally eat high-energy type foods, you may struggle to lose weight by focusing on yoga only.

 How do you find a balance between yoga and weight loss? 

The miracle answer in finding a balance between yoga and weight loss focuses specifically on your food intake. If you use yoga as a method to lose weight, some key aspects play a role (4).  These key highlights include the following: 

  • Remember to adapt your yoga lifestyle to the food types you eat. Yoga trainers normally provide excellent advice. Focus on low-calorie foods to prevent you from gaining weight.
  • You need to get your mind in the right place. Yoga offers more than just a quick fix. It aims to realistically provide you with the means to live healthily and lose weight.
  • If you a highly energetic type person, you can easily combine yoga with more active type exercises, for example, swimming, hiking or gym cardio exercises.
  • People who took part in yoga reported a steady reduction in weight. You need to show patience.
  • Individuals noted that yoga exercises allowed them to feel less tense and anxious. Subsequently, they lose weight without constantly worrying about it.

Yoga trainers recommend at least one class of 30 minutes a week. It allowed individuals to notice evidence of weight loss. Individuals who took part in yoga over a long time presented significant results. The exercises allowed them to maintain their weight over many years. It subsequently provided some indication of the positive outcomes when participating in yoga exercises. 

Several studies displayed that yoga gives a constructive effect during the treatment of cardiovascular risks. It also assists with the management of blood pressure and hypertension challenges. Also, the exercises allow for blood sugar level reductions and help with diabetes. It acts significantly as a method to assist people who struggle with feelings of anxiousness. 

Many individuals indicated if they feel more relaxed they lose weight significantly quicker. It may present an “all in the mind” aspect, but it works. Yoga aims to balance the core, the mind and the rest of the body. People who participated in yoga reported specific bodily health successes. Let us see what they meant. 

Yoga concentrates on specific areas in the body and ultimately one feels the holistic effect of becoming stronger. The following section provides an overview of the typical body areas that may lose weight during exercising. 

Which body areas lose weight during yoga?

Yoga offers different class types and focuses areas. The exercises allow your body to tighten your muscles and release. This presents excellent strengthening activities. Different classes of yoga exist consistent with distinct time lengths.

Yoga presents various methods or styles mostly referred to as Ashtanga, Sivananda, and Lyengar. It particularly focuses on your posture, standing position and breathing methods (5). Diverse twisting allows the body to reach high levels of flexibility.  

So, the following body areas most likely will strengthen your muscles and streamline your bodily shape: 

Abdominal: Tucking in the belly button to the spine offers great core strengthening exercises. 

Spine: Lengthening your spine and allow your body to reach a T-shape. 

Legs and back: The sitting position used during yoga allows you to tighten the leg and back muscles. 

Shoulders: Shoulder stands allow your body to become significantly stronger. 

Thighs and chest: Yoga exercises particularly assist with the strengthening of the thighs and chest. 

What are the other positives related to yoga? 

Yoga presents many positives, but let us highlight some key ones. The following benefits allow a person to grasp the meaning of what we mean by yoga positives.

  • Besides yoga strengthening your body, other types of benefits also exist. Continuous participation in yoga exercises allows your body to increase metabolism and also improves your respiratory system. 
  • Yoga stimulates the internal organs and allows for an improved digestion system. Yoga especially assists with the burning of belly fat. 
  • Many health practitioners believe that practicing yoga allows a person to not only reduce stress but to implement a successful weight loss program. 

What other matters should you take into consideration? 

It remains critical to combine yoga with the consumption of good food types for example vegetables and fruits. Subsequently, your body feels more relaxed and open to adapt to a new weight loss program. 

In the event you use yoga as your main exercise program, it remains important to focus on your calorie intake. If you comprise a high-calorie intake, you need to extend the length of your yoga exercises. If you prefer to exercise at home, some postures mostly take up to 10-12 minutes. But if you combine it with home cycling, it will increase your likelihood to lose weight. 

The ability to attend power yoga classes increases your metabolism. It also allows you to lose weight much quicker. One should keep your body condition in mind when attempting to undertake physical exercises. For example, if you struggle with heart problems, you need to discuss your yoga program with a health practitioner first. The same counts for the heated rooms concepts. 

Individuals who take part in yoga always say it is a mind and body matter. Therefore, you need to focus on both. If you stay focused and committed to your yoga classes, you will lose weight. If you only attend yoga classes when you feel like it, you will experience disappointment with the results. 

What key aspects should you remember when exercising? 

To ensure you follow a dedicated yoga program to lose weight, planning becomes critical. Ensure you own the correct clothing and proper yoga mat. This provides you to stay focused and ready. For example, start with a good yoga session in the morning. This permits you to become focused but also increases your metabolism. 

Many discussions exist regarding the exercise time you need to lose weight. Some experts believe in combining your physical activities. Others recommend a class session of an average of 40 minutes. This according to experts allow your body to burn those extra calories. 

You can burn an average between 200 to 600 calories per yoga session, depending on the intensity of the classes. 

Yoga comprises the ability to allow a person to become aware of their bodily status. What I mean by this is that individuals become cautious and prevent from eating poorly. Generally, you feel better after exercising and subsequently aim to eat healthier foods as well. 

People who practice yoga mentioned they became mindful of their inner selves and the way they feel about their bodies. It enhanced their abilities to lose weight healthily. Yoga also provides you with significant focus, energy and a positive mind. 

The positivity around yoga relates to the fact that it allows you to adapt to a different lifestyle while losing weight. This yoga lifestyle involves a combination of low-calorie food types, continuous activities, and constant mind concentration. 


The article aimed to provide some insight into the aspect of yoga. In summary, yoga offers a supportive and excellent means of losing weight. The highlight identified during the research specifically shows that yoga allows a person to not only lose weight but adopt a positive lifestyle. 

Yoga studios offer different exercises that suit people from different worlds and cultures. If you a person who prefers a more relaxed environment, the option exists. If you attend intense or slower exercise yoga activities, both still allow you to lose weight. 

People who want to lose weight, but without following the traditional methods, yoga offers the exercises you want. The physical activity also allows you to combine yoga with other more intense type exercises. 

Can yoga help me to lose weight? The answer is yes but keep balance in mind. The magic answer remains to align your calorie absorption with the yoga exercise you take.


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