34 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

In this global village, where the whole world is connected through the internet and our main hobby is net surfing and updating our Facebook and Instagram stories. Looking good is not necessary, it seems crucial to our young generation. While complexion and features are God gifted and based on your race, ethnicity, and genetics, there is one field that demands your attention that is your physical appearance.

Multiple clothing brands are targeting this psyche of our young generation. Thus, every season there is a new collection and we are having our eyes on it. Now, clothes stand out your personality but you desperately need a good physique for this. That’s why models for clothing brands are always in ideal shape. 

So, if you are going through this article, you may be suffering from weight gain which is a common issue nowadays or you can be someone who is a perfectionist and looking for ways to get in ideal shape. Well, we hear you and here we will discuss 34 ways to lose weight so we can ease your burden and make you look great.


  • Drink lots of water


One way to lose weight is by drinking lots of water. As we all know, hydration is the key to a healthy life. Besides abundant health, hydration also helps in weight loss. Different researches have shown that drinking 2 to 3 liters water daily helps you lose weight because:

  1. When you drink lots of water, it reduces your appetite for solids.
  2. It increases your metabolic rate. (1)
  3. It helps you to get rid of toxins in your body.
  4. It prevents your body to retain water, thus, helping you to get rid of extra water weight.


  • Add green tea to your daily routine


One way to lose weight is to take green tea daily. Now, with the use of green tea for weight loss, many questions arise. Like, how to take green tea for weight loss? Are there any other additives? How much green tea can I take in one day? Well, using green tea for weight loss is not complicated. Just boil a cup of water and add green tea tea-bag in it. Many brands have green tea tea-bags available in different flavors like peach, mint, lemon and many others. You can boil green tea herbs in water too. Beware to not add any sugar or sweetener in green tea. It will not cause side effects but it is not going to help you in losing weight. For weight loss, you can take 2 to 3 cups of green water per day.

Now, how green tea helps you lose weight? Green tea helps you lose weight in 2 ways:

  1. Its main component is caffeine. Caffeine helps you stay awake, thus, utilizing your body energy stores effectively.
  2. Catechin is another important component of green tea, which helps in burning fat.


  • Avoid junk food


One way to lose weight is to avoid junk food. Junk food includes hamburgers, fries, pizza, desserts, carbonated drinks, and many others. These food items contain a lot of carbohydrates. When these carbohydrates are digested, their product is only glucose which is going to add an extra pound to your weight. Moreover, these foods are rich in calories. So, if you avoid junk and replace it with nutrient-rich food items, it will keep you healthy and will help in weight loss.


  • Cut off carbohydrates


One way to lose weight is to cut off carbohydrates. Now, how cutting off carbohydrates can help you to reduce weight? The answer is when your diet is deficient in carbohydrates, there is no need for insulin production in the body. When insulin is not produced, your body will start losing water. This effect is going to help you in getting rid of excess water weight. If you continue this practice, after water weight, your body will start utilizing fat from your body stores. Thus, you can lose weight by cutting off carbohydrates. (2)


  • Take protein in the diet


One way to lose weight is to take a protein diet. Now, how taking a protein diet can help you lose weight? Well, the answer is taking protein diet will help you lose weight in two ways:

  1. It increases your metabolic rate
  2. It helps in building muscle mass instead of fat stores. (3)


  • Regular sleep patterns


One way to lose weight is to have regular sleep patterns. Regular sleep patterns can aid you in losing weight in the following ways:

  1. It regulates the production of hormones leptin and ghrelin which are produced in excess in sleep deprivation. These hormones, if not regulated can lead to obesity.

Good sleep helps you to remain mindful and make healthy food choices.

  • If you have slept well, you will not have cravings for sugars and junk and this will help you lose weight.


  • Change your lifestyle


One way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle. Well, lifestyle includes a lot of things. Lifestyle is your daily habits. For example, if you are fond of junk eating and binge-watching on weekends then your this habit is responsible for your current weight gain. 

You can binge-watch your favorite show of course but you need to replace junk with fruits and nuts. Similarly, if you have poor sleep patterns or you sleep late then you desperately need to follow the golden rule of “early to bed and early to rise”.

Similarly, if your hobby is playing games on play stations and watching Netflix then you need to modify your hobbies a bit. You can play football or any outdoor games in addition to indoor games. This will help you lose weight. Similarly, you can replace your carbonated drinks with fresh juice. You can go for a walk in the evening. (4)


  • Join a gym


One way to lose weight is to join a gym. Going to the gym helps you reduce weight as:

  1. You are in an environment where everyone has the same goal that is to gain their desired pounds.
  2. You are under the supervision of a fitness instructor who teaches you about exercises suitable for your body.
  3. You can opt for different kinds of exercises like cardio, aerobics and many others according to your stamina.
  4. You will develop a routine for exercise thus, exercise will become your habit leading to weight loss.


  • Add fiber to the diet


One way to lose weight is to add fiber to your diet. Adding fiber will help in fulfilling your satiety center, thus, reducing your appetite. As a result, your craving for carbohydrates and junk is reduced.


  • Reduce your plate serving size


One way to lose weight is to reduce your plate serving size. Researches have shown that reducing your plate serving size tricks your mind into thinking that you have eaten enough. If you are using smaller plates than before and you have to re-fill your plate twice, then every time you re-fill, you will consider the portion of meals you are eating. 


  • Avoid soft drinks


One way to lose weight is to avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks contain hundreds of calories in a single serving and don’t satisfy your appetite. You are taking hundreds of calories with no filling sensation. So, it is better to put a full stop to these beverages if you are planning on losing weight.


  • Eat Raw food


One way to lose weight is to eat raw food. Raw food helps you in losing weight because of the following reasons:

  1. It contains fewer calories
  2. It has a high fiber content
  3. It is easy to digest
  • Practice intermittent fasting

You can lose weight by practicing intermittent fasting. Different researches have shown that you can lose weight by trying different methods of intermittent fasting like fasting on alternate days. You eat then you stop then you eat again. You can set a timeframe in which you eat 600 to 700 calories, after that, you will take a break from eating for few hours then eat again. You need to try different methods and learn which works best for you for weight loss.

  • Thorough medical check-up

A thorough medical checkup is necessary for your weight loss journey. Well, a medical checkup is not directly related to weight loss but it can identify any underlying cause of weight gain. For example, hypothyroidism is common in females which can lead to weight gain. This medical ailment though remains unnoticed can be diagnosed and treated easily.

Similarly, Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common hormonal disturbance seen in females. It presents with menstrual irregularities, hirsutism, and weight gain. This disorder needs to be treated so you can achieve your desired weight. Some other disorders and medications can cause weight gain. So, a thorough medical checkup can diagnose the root cause and will help you losing weight by treating it.

  • Calculate your calories intake

One way to lose weight is to calculate your calorie intake. For this, you need to be mindful that which food contains how many calories? For example, one plate of rice contains two hundred and eighty calories. One boiled egg contains seventy-five calories. One banana contains a hundred calories. One chappati contains three hundred calories. These staple diets in Asia. You can google the number of calories of food you are eating daily. In this way, you can calculate your calories and plan your meals accordingly. (5)

  • Regularly brush your teeth

You can lose weight by regularly brushing your teeth. Different researches have shown weight reduction in people who brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing not only keeps your gums healthy, but it will also help in the removal of bacteria that can stimulate hunger.

  • Chew your food properly

One way to lose weight is to chew your food properly. Chewing food help you to reduce your appetite. If you are chewing food at a slow pace, it will send your brain signals to your satiety center that you have eaten enough, thus helping you to limit your calorie intake. 

  • Have a spicy meal

One way to lose weight is to have a spicy meal. Now, how spicy meal can help you lose weight? It will help you lose weight as:

  1. Different researches have shown that capsicum helps your body to prefer fat stores for the production of energy. As a result, your spicy meal will help you to reduce weight.
  2. It decreases your calorie intake.
  3. It reduces your appetite
  4. It helps you deal with your food cravings.(7)
  • Don’t stock up unhealthy food

One way to lose weight is don’t stock up unhealthy food. By stocking unhealthy food, we mean don’t keep ice creams, frozen foods that can be fried and carbonated drinks in your refrigerator. Follow the policy of out of sight, out of mind. If all these unhealthy food will be out of your site, you will not have their cravings. As a result, this practice will help you in losing weight.

  • Medication for weight loss

One way to lose weight is by use of medication. Well, depending upon medication is not the only way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to consult a physician who may help you with weight loss medication that has no side effects.

  • Home remedies to lose weight

One way to lose weight is by trying home remedies. Different home remedies can help you in losing weight. For example, apple cider vinegar diluted in water is known to reduce weight.

  • Stop drinking alcohol

One way to lose weight is to stop drinking alcohol and any related drinks like wine. There are some pieces of evidence that red wine is good for health. But in general, drinking beer or any alcoholic drinks daily in large quantities is not good for health. Not only alcohol is hazardous to health, but it also contains a lot of calories. One glass of alcohol and wine contains a hundred plus calories. Thus, by avoiding alcoholic drinks, you can save yourself from calories.

  • Decrease the use of heaters in winters

One way to lose weight is to decrease the use of heaters in winters. Having a cold environment will signal your body to produce heat to keep you warm. Energy for this heat production will come from brown fat stores in your body, thus helping you to remain warm during winters. This practice will also help you to get rid of fat stores in your body thus aiding you in weight loss.

  • Keep healthy snacks in hand

One way to lose weight is to keep healthy snacks in hand. By healthy snacks, we mean keep almonds, nuts and dry fruits in your bag so you avoid munching chips from your office canteen. These odd time snacking and junk is responsible for extra inches of your waist. Thus, keeping healthy snacks will help you lose weight.

  • Go for a swim

One way to lose weight is to go for a swim. Different researches have shown that swimming for one hour will help you burn 500 calories. Thus, swimming can aid you in weight loss.

  • Go for Pilates

One way to lose weight is to go for Pilates. Pilates is a bit difficult as a beginner but it is a very good exercise for weight loss. The fitness instructor recommends that you should do Pilates at least two times a week if you are looking for weight loss.

  • Take frequent small meals

One way to lose weight is to take frequent small meals. Frequent small meals will boost your metabolism, thus helping you in weight loss.

  • Have your breakfast every day

One way to lose weight is to eat breakfast every day. Researches have shown that people who eat healthy and heavy breakfast every day will have regular blood sugar levels and they don’t have unnecessary and unhealthy food cravings. Such people perform better at work because of the high energy levels in the morning. Thus skipping breakfast is a big ‘no’ while you are striving for weight loss. (8)

  • Have a light dinner

One way to lose weight is to have a light dinner. You should put a full stop to late-night snacking. If you binge eat and sleep, it would be difficult for your body to digest whole food and it will be deposited as fat in the body. Thus, eat early and give your body time to digest, then go to bed. Eating in the day time as compared to night time will aid you in weight loss. 

  • Opt for healthy cooking strategies

One way to lose weight is to opt for healthy cooking strategies. By healthy cooking strategies, we mean that boil your egg instead of frying. Don’t add butter, oil or extra sauces in your food. Grill your vegetables instead of frying. Steaming and baking are other methods of healthy cooking that will help you in weight loss by reducing the number of calories in your meal.

  • Have a positive attitude

One way to lose weight is to have a positive attitude in your life and remain stress-free. Stress can lead you to overeat. You will have cravings for sugars and high-calorie food to distract your mind from stress and get pleasure from food. This practice, in the long term, can cause weight gain. Some antidepressants also cause weight gain, thus, relax, take a deep breath and be happy with what you have.

  • Join a support group

One way to lose weight is to join a support group. Get engaged with people who got the same goal as you that are losing weight and motivate each other. This attitude will help you in losing weight.

  • Get rid of foods that cause bloating

One way to lose weight is to get rid of the foods that cause bloating. This is because bloating leads to water retention, thus making you look a few pounds more than you are. Beans are considered culprit food for bloating. Wheat because its gluten component is also on the list. Legumes and broccoli got the same effects. Hence, limit foods that make you bloat if you want to lose weight. (6)

  • Never shop when hungry

One way to lose weight is to eat something before shopping. Researches have shown that when you go shopping, you get tired easily and as a result, you get attracted to high energy foods like sugary foods or junk. 

These foods give you instant energy but due to the high content of sugar, add a lot to your weight. Food courts of different shopping malls comprise of junk food chains. So eat right before going for shopping if you are planning on losing weight.

The Bottom line

We have gone through multiple ways to lose weight today in this article. All were not related to vigorous exercises and conventional dieting. Most of them are modifications in your daily habits and becoming mindful of what is going into your stomach. So, by remaining hydrated and cutting off carbs, liquid calories, and sugar, you can see significant changes in your weight.

Similarly, you can opt for swimming, squats, Pilates, brisk walk or any exercise that suits your temperament. This is going to shorten your weight loss journey. Besides diet modifications and exercise, you need to incorporate a few habits in your daily life that will help you a long way in maintaining your weight. 

Some of these practices are eating breakfast, avoiding late-night meals, taking a cup of green tea and a few others. Now, you knew all the tips and tricks, so what are you waiting for. Let’s start your weight loss journey now. 


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