Massage for Weight Loss

Massages for weight loss allows for an added approach or treatment to manage your body’s weight and stay healthy. It sounds unreal, but if combined with other wellbeing treatments, we may experience faster outcomes. Meaning if we combine our dietary routines with a good massage program, it creates an environment conducive to weight loss. 

For this reason, combining your health objectives with massage treatments increases weight loss and makes you feel better. To achieve our weight loss goals, it requires significantly more than just the ordinary. One needs to take in mind, before you undertake weight loss massage treatment, request professional guidance first. So how does it work? 

How does it work? 

Using combined massages added to a well-defined weight loss program allows for a reduction in fat layers and cellulite. Besides, your body feels stronger and creates a method to improve your digestive system as well. The different weight loss massages aim to lose extra fluids and toxins that generally create weight increases. 

These weight loss massages also make you feel more relaxed and focused. Subsequently, people develop a tendency to lose weight within a shorter period. Key to remember that weight loss mostly aligns with your calorie intake. If you eat a burger today, it does not mean a massage may help you lose those extra energies. One needs to understand that these massages work together with an existing healthy lifestyle to maintain weight. 

Beauty clinics use many types of massage techniques to reach levels of weight loss successes. These treatments vary according to the results individuals require. Some techniques they use include Swedish or deep tissue massages. Also, the use of kneading or vibration assists as well. The different massages pressure various areas at the body and create unique outcomes. Some individuals focus on cellulite mostly, and others on muscle maintenance in cooperation of exercising. Meaning some people add messages to an existing exercise program to lose weight. 

The body continuously creates fluids and toxins that build up in your system. You, therefore, need to get rid of them. Naturally, our system works together with your kidneys to remove additional toxins from your body. The weight loss massages help a person to increase the process. 

The beauty specialists aim to use different pressure points at a variety of areas, for example, the legs, back, feet or arms. The question remains if it helps. Let us see what the next paragraph says.

Does it help?

Before we dive into the types of massages first, I want to talk about the essence of it. Does it help? After reading a few articles and collected advice from different people I reached a positive conclusion. We should not see massage for weight loss as a magic wonder, but an additional tool to help. Meaning the more we attempt to lose weight, we strive to exercise or eat less. 

Our bodies reflect differently in this instance. Meaning our muscles become sore, we detox and sometimes feel more stressed. The weight loss massages help us get rid of the toxins quicker or relax the muscles after exercises. This means indirect influences also reduce weight. 

On the other side, we also experience direct influences. The weight loss massages as explained below directly allow our bodies to get rid of fat. This means cellulite reduction happens quicker, fat layers decrease and also the skin becomes smoother. Therefore, one needs to understand that weight loss massages impact the outlook of your skin. You, therefore, lose a couple of centimetres in the process and you feel significantly more confident. 

Depending on the stage you are in with reaching your diet goals, the below massages speeds up the ability to lose weight. 

Types of Massages 

There are different types of massage therapy popular for different purposes (1). First, we ask about the massages available and thereafter the details of the treatments. Most beauty clinics or spas include weight loss massages on their product or services list. Let us see what types of massages may help us lose some of those kilos. The article attempts to focus on three types of massages inclusive of cellulite skin, lymphatic and aromatherapy. 

Cellulite Skin 

Cellulite skin remains one nightmare we face when attempting to develop a smooth-textured body. These fat cells press against our second skin layer and show at the thighs, bottoms and belly, especially (2). These cellulite levels create an uneven skin texture and make us reserved to show our bodies, especially in summer-time. For this reason, we need to get rid of those ugly dimples. Females mostly develop cellulite and increase as we become older. The miracle in this approach aims to improve your blood flow, and this happens during a cellulite skin massage. 

Research displays a significant reduction in cellulite over 14 days if you regularly take part in this skin massage. If interested in the treatment, one can attend a formal professional massage or even undertake this at home. Many home-friendly applications allow for cellulite reduction, but also the regeneration of new tissue. These applications include mechanical massage instruments, foam roll applications, or dry scrubs. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may attempt to undertake these exercises at home. If you aim to reach faster results, a consultation with a wellbeing specialist may help as well. 

Cellulite Skin massage comprises diverse positives that allow you to lose weight in the process. Some of the positives relate to the following (3): 

  • If you decide to use the dry brush method, the action allows your skin to create an uplifted and plumping effect. This means your skin looks more shiny and vibrant. 
  • The massage action also allows your skin to improve its circulations. The more rotation you create via the massage action, the better your blood flows. It reduces the occurrence of fat cells and the creation of cellulite. 
  • Excessive fluid creates an outlook of increased fat cells and cellulite. The cellulite massage aims to help you and remove the additional fluids in your body. 

Researchers continue to investigate methods of weight reduction by the use of massage. In the case of cellulite massage some positives identified by researchers indicate the following: 

According to research, it remains critical to combine your cellulite massage with other methods as well. The cell massage treatment option works but when combined with opportunities as well (4). 

Researchers indicate that cellulite treatments work to reduce weight levels but with women mostly. Individuals who aim to lose weight presented a much smaller body size after attending a diversity of treatments over a specific time (5). 


One of the key aspects we humans need to look into relates to detoxifying our bodies regularly. If we reach levels where we constantly shed the toxins we continue to carry, it allows us to lose weight. Massages help us to stimulate the purging of waste products created by our bodies. First, we need to understand what our Lymphatic systems entail. It presents a combination of lymph nodes and glands evident in our bodies. 

They carry the responsibility to remove the bad toxins and send them to our kidneys who eliminate the waste. Many times because of bad toxins our bodies increase weight. Especially if our body’s waste management system works slowly, it creates a clogging of unwanted toxins. It, therefore, creates increased cellulite to occur on our skin layers.  

Beauty and skin specialists developed a clever massage method and assisted us to reduce our weight. The Lymphatic massage allows you to increase your lymphatic body movement. The pressure used during a massage followed by circular movements allows for the drainage of waste and fluids to become less. It, therefore, allows the body to remove the additional poisons from the system. 

Research indicated the use of lymphatic massages improve weight loss but also uplift skin conditions as well. Regular lymphatic massages assist with the creation of a smooth skin and streamlining of the dimple areas (6).  The lymphatic system focuses on the management of your blood flow and fluids in your body. Regular massages help the system to operate sufficiently. An interruption in the normal methods lymph flow causes a build-up and swelling of certain body areas. 

The use of a lymphatic massage helps with the reduction of swelling and improved blood circulation. The lymphatic drainage massage especially helps with the reduction of weight loss. The massage method aims to move the fluids by use of placing pressure on the body. It, therefore, reduces the occurrence of lymphedema (7). During use of the massage, it remains critical to impact a combination of areas, for example, the chest, arm and shoulders. This allows for proper drainage to happen. 

The massage approach involves two stages to receive the most success out of the process. First, the treatment allows for clearing to take place and creates a flushing effect. Clearing involves massage pressure under the arms, inside the elbows and under the collarbone. 

Secondly one needs to reabsorb. These massages allow you to reabsorb the necessary fluids in the areas affected. Push up the fluids in your feet or knees for example. It remains critical to undertake these small home massages regularly for example 10 minutes a day. Many methods exist and are easily available online. Again, one can attempt these massages at home or visit a professional at your skin clinic. 


An aromatherapy massage aims to provide an individual with an opportunity to relax and lose weight. The essential oils used in the process allows the body to increase the blood flows. The use of fat-burning oils for example increase the opportunities to reduce fat levels significantly. The essence of aromatherapy focuses on the use of correct products and weight loss essential oils remain critical. The diversity of essential oils in a combination of the massages allow your body to reduce cellulite and fat layers as well. Some examples of the essential oils include the following: 

o   Coconut oil mixed with massage oils helps with fat layer reduction 

o   Almond, lavender and pepper oils added to the base layers increases blood flows 

o   Lemond oil combined with your base advances the reduction of cellulite and fat cells 

Asking the question of aromatherapy allows for weight loss, it seems to help if combined with other treatments. Aromatherapy in conjunction with a good diet or cellulite focused massages increases the opportunity of losing weight. Individuals should not see the massage itself as an instant recipe for weight loss (8). 


The next phase of the article aims to explain the overall benefits one experiences. Meaning what benefits derive from attending these weight loss massages. One may say losing weight obviously, but it extends to more than the obvious. 


  • Lower Blood Pressure 


In the event, you reduce your weight and it aligns with a reduction in blood pressure. If you struggle with high blood pressure it causes headaches and a range of other complexities. The weight loss massages allow you to drop your blood pressure to a more acceptable level. 


  • Muscle Tone 


You receive an even muscle tone and with the reduction in cellulite or fat layers, your body displays a smooth outlook. 


  •  Stress Relieve and Less Anxiety


Individuals who struggle with weight management generally feel anxious or stressed. The weight loss massages allow you to not only shape your body but feel less tense as well. 


    Sleep control 

The more we healthily lose weight, the better we feel. For this reason, we sleep better as well. 


Weight loss for massages offers an additional method to reach our goals throughout the year and make us feel significantly better. These massages include the cellulite skin, lymphatic and aromatherapy therapies. Different techniques exist easily available online. The weight loss massages provide opportunities to reduce your fat layers, feel more relaxed and add to your overall sense of wellbeing. In conclusion, if you interested in weight loss massages, remember to combine them with a good healthy food diet. Also, keep in mind to drink lots of water in the process. The more we focus on reaching our weight goals the better we feel inside and out. 


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