Weight Loss Devices That Don’t Work

The numbers speak for themselves. If people keep eating processed foods the way they are doing right now, by 2030, roughly 38% of the global adult population will be overweight. And a staggering 20% will be obese. In the United States, these numbers are quite a shocker.

Experts estimate that if current sedentary and nutritional trends continue, more than 85% of American adults will be obese or overweight by 2030. Well, keeping the body healthy and strong should be on the top of your list. But, that doesn’t come easy to everyone. (1)

There is, without a doubt, a global obesity epidemic. Overweight and obese people are constantly looking for that ultimate “magic pill”. Or a device that will help them get back in shape. That’s where a whole industry focused on fitness products comes into play.

Promising consumers practical weight loss devices that can curb the extra pounds. Because of the sheer amount of people who are considered overweight, companies have decided to take a creative approach to find the right weight management devices. Like the sauna suit and vibrating foam roller.

So, can any of these devices live up to the hype? We compiled some practical info that can shed some light on these devices. So, you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into. And, whether or not they are worth the cash.

Weight Loss Tools That Can’t Live Up to Your Expectations

You’ve been trying to slim down for who knows how long. And now, you are grasping at straws because there is virtually no easy way out. So, you are looking into a quick fix that will solve the problem.

Recently, many devices for weight management have popped up. Some claim to offer notable weight loss. For those looking for an alternative to surgical procedures, a new weight loss tool is a welcome change. Especially when a diet pill can’t do the trick.

Weight loss surgeries are scary and overwhelming, which is why a weight loss tool can come in handy. But, how effective can it really be for curbing the global obesity epidemic? Take a look at the tools below to get an overall perspective. (2)

Sauna Suits

Let’s say you are trying to burn the extra pounds. You exercise and sweat like you normally world. The body slowly, but surely burns calories. However, you want faster results, and you want them now. When you try to add a tool that has the potential to cause hyperthermia, that’s when things can get out of hand.

A research team found that exercising in a cool and comfortable environment while wearing the upper-body sauna suit, creates a higher core temperature and promotes larger sweat loss. Compared to working out without the suit in the exact same conditions. (3)

Even if sauna suits can offer some notable detox and weight loss results, they can leave you vulnerable to dehydration and very high body temperature. Now, pair all that sweating and exercising with a hot environment, and you can really start noticing some problems. Like dizziness, unsteadiness, dry mouth, etc.

This can happen if you don’t replenish your fluids when you exercise, or you spend a very long time in a hot environment while wearing the suit. These are the kind of adverse consequences that you don’t want to mess with.

Vibrating Foam Roller

Many people lose weight by any means necessary. But, most want to put in the least bit of effort and still reap the benefits. Without actually working on their eating habits. By spending a couple of hundred bucks, on a vibrating foam roller.

Companies claim that the powerful vibrations of the tool can assist people with maximizing the effectiveness of their workout to soften and lengthen their muscles. According to experts, foam rolling is perceived to amplify flexibility and muscular performance. As well as ease soreness and muscle fatigue.

That’s why it quickly gained momentum for those who wanted to work on their stomach muscles without causing discomfort. But, studies seem to support the widespread use of foam rolling only as a warm-up activity. Instead of a recovery tool. A foam roller can be a good boost before exercise. But, don’t expect it to make the weight gain magically disappear. (4)

You still have to put your back into it to lose weight quickly. For successful weight loss, and to be able to maintain the lost weight, it’s critical to develop a healthy relationship with food. That means incorporating healthy eating on a daily basis so that you can keep your high blood pressure in check and reduce the possibility of various health issues.

Topical Gel

Rub some fat-burning gel and the extra fat melts away. Right? Not quite. While many might worship a flat tummy gel, a cream alone can’t get you the weight loss you want. That’s because physical activity and diet still remain a focal point when losing weight. (5)

One slimming cream tested in studies appeared to be effective for the treatment of cellulitis, without causing serious side effects. But, more research is necessary to evaluate its efficacy when trying to get the desired body shape. (6)

Simply put, there isn’t enough evidence to support the use of a flat tummy gel for effective weight loss. So, work on developing new habits that can benefit the gastrointestinal tract and blood pressure in the long run. That means including more veggies, fruits, and other healthy products while minimizing the food intake of unhealthy and processed goodies.

A Weight Loss Tool Aimed At Managing the Obesity Epidemic

A couple of months ago, a novel weight loss device gained quite the momentum. A unique tool that looks more like a medieval torture device, rather than a typical slimming tool. It’s the DentalSlim Diet Control, an intra oral device that relies on the use of magnets to prevent the mouth from opening over 2 mm. With the sole purpose of tackling the skyrocketing obesity rates.

This intra oral device fitted to the lower and upper back teeth has been designed by medical experts from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Together with experts from Leeds, United Kingdom.

For this so-called “torture device” to be fitted, a dental professional will need to use magnetic components and lock the product in place. This weight loss device has received quite the backlash. And it’s no wonder why. On the outside, the DentalSlim Diet Control may not look like the prettiest thing on the market. And the way it works can be a bit, extreme. (7)

According to the University of Otago, magnetic devices like these can help curb the currently rising obesity cases by restricting people to a liquid diet. The question is, how effective can it really be?

2021 research from the British Dental Journal investigated the tolerability and acceptability of wearing an intraoral device meant to facilitate weight loss. Experts analyzed the effects in 7 healthy obese patients. The study participants received a commercially available liquid diet for a span of two weeks.

The patients achieved a mean weight loss of 6.36 kg, which was about 5.1% of their body weight. When it came to assessing comfort and practicality, patients felt embarrassed and tense at times. (8)

But, they also couldn’t pronounce certain words, which can make a user feel slightly self-conscious and can interfere with free speech. They hardly had a change in taste sensation or had trouble drinking. However, due to the heavy limitations of this so-called “torture device”, life felt less satisfying.

They couldn’t enjoy the type of food they normally would, which could have an impact on someone’s mood. As a result, one participant deviated from the rules of a low-calorie diet (liquid diet). Instead, they ate foods they were not supposed to, reported Otago health sciences.

But, because they couldn’t fit the food into their mouth due to the DentalSlim Diet Control, they consumed chocolate, for example, by melting it. Professors at the University of Otago stated that the main barrier that can hinder a person’s weight loss process with this device is “compliance”.

The weight loss device is meant to help a user create new habits that would set their eating routine on the right track. It isn’t invasive nor very expensive. On the contrary, it can be a practical alternative to surgical procedures. Particularly for those looking for a reversible economical and attractive solution.

The device removed offered a satisfactory weight loss and the magnets disengaged could still be used to continue the weight loss journey. Overall, the participants were happy with the results and had the motivation to lose more weight.

But, if you want to follow a less restricted diet and skip weight loss surgery, then losing weight with this non invasive device may not work for you. Plus, some experts are calling it “barbaric” and potentially dangerous. It can promote eating disorders and fat-shaming.

The best way to avoid eating disorders and lose weight is to eat nourishing solid food. Fruits, vegetables, salmon, lean meats, beans, nuts, and seeds can do wonders for your weight management goals. Whereas dieting can’t deliver long-term results.

Plus, data shows that for someone on a diet or a strict weight loss program, roughly 95% of the lost weight is gained back. For the global population who wants to avoid the need to undergo surgery to curb the extra pounds, then implementing the right nourishment makes for a worthwhile choice. (9)

What Device to Use to Slim Down?

Some devices work better than others. If you are eager to notice some results, then having a practical tool can make a world of difference. Here are some that can turn the tide.

Simply Fit Board

The curved board by Shark Tank, called Simply Fit Board is a product that will challenge you to keep your balance. It’s a solid ab and cardio workout. But, it can be a little bit difficult to handle for someone who has led a sedentary lifestyle before. That’s because balancing the body on the board while exercising with dumbbells can be tricky.

You will need to maintain your posture while twisting the body back and forth. Maintaining balance while being overweight can be a real struggle. But, not one that you can’t overcome. With some trial and error, you can get it right.

Black Box

The Black Box virtual reality gym is another product that recently gained a lot of attention. With the help of the VR headsets, you can enjoy a range of gaming experiences, which can inspire you to do a full-body workout.

It pairs high-intensity cardio with resistance training. Both of these options are known to curb the extra weight. The immersion offers a solid approach to creating an immersive experience that is safe and effective.

Do have in mind that some medical conditions can hinder your weight loss process. Regardless of the device, you are using. What causes lack of weight loss are ailments like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hypothyroidism, and sleep apnea.

For certain individuals, some medications can send their weight loss efforts down the drain. If you are struggling to keep the weight in check, talk to a specialist. Your doctor, nutritionist, or dietitian can give you some valuable insight on how to get to the goals you’ve always wanted. Sometimes, they may suggest treatment.

What Weight Loss Treatment Actually Works?

Managing weight can be divided into two phases: weight maintenance and weight loss. While physical activity is a key element in maintaining a healthy weight, eating the right kind of food will influence your weight loss rate.

Research shows that activity accounts for just 15% to 30% of the daily energy expenditure. But, the food you take accounts for 100% of the energy intake. So, adequate balance is critical to keep the body in tip-top shape. And avoiding eating disorders due to restricted dieting should be a priority. (10)

Proper nourishments to avoid potential eating disorders include protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But, if you don’t give your body the fuel it needs through a liquid diet, then, you can’t get consistent results. Right now, the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and most efficient eating pattern to stick to.

Years of research on weight loss supported its results. It is an attractive alternative to most diets and offers a hefty amount of health benefits. With regular physical activity, you can always stay on the right path. (11)

How Can I Lose Weight When I Can’t Be Active?

Morbidly obese individuals are wondering how they can lose weight when their extreme body weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints. This is without a doubt a serious problem. For a person with a BMI higher than 30, other medications can prove useful.

A doctor can recommend a weight loss drug for those who can’t shed the extra pounds through physical activity and diet. The currently available meds for treating obesity and overweight are orlistat, phentermine-topiramate, semaglutide, liraglutide, naltrexone-bupropion.

These are FDA-approved prescription drugs and are limited to patients who’ve been diagnosed with particular health problems. The goal is to avoid heart disease and reduce the fat that can restrict breathing. Sometimes, however, it is important to undergo surgery. But, only a doctor can suggest the best forms of treatment. (12)

Wrap Up

To lose extra weight, people will look for an attractive alternative to diet. Anything that’s easier to follow and can offer some benefit. But, there are a lot of tools out there, like the sauna suits, vibrating foam roller, and topical gels that can’t make the fat go away.

In an effort to provide a much better tool, and a more reversible economical, and attractive device, the University of Otago has created the DentalSlim Diet Control. This non invasive tool is supposed to offer some great results.

But, despite its potential benefits, the device from the University of Otago received backlash. To avoid eating disorders, focus on eating healthy foods and doing regular physical activity. The Mediterranean diet can be a practical solution. Talk to a specialist if you can’t achieve your fat reduction goals.


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